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Inflatable Ultimate Wakeboarding Liquid Rail

The Inflatable Wakeboard Liquid Rail is the first product in a coming line up of new Jumps we are creating for the Water Sports industry. 

Turn your local body of water into a superb day of wake boarding action with our Inflatable Liquid Rail. Wakeboarders who use it rave about how well it works. 

Lightweight and easy to set up and transport. The Inflatable Liquid Rail inflates in about 15 minutes and includes anchors and handles to secure it to the lake or sea bed, and to move it around as needed. 

We also have a unique ballasting system that allows the rail to take super hard hits and still sit rock solid in the water. 

Put 2 or 3 Inflatable Wakeboard Liquid Rails in line with a couple of Inflatable Ski Jumps in between and you can quickly create a radical new water ski course unlike any other.

Features & Benefits

  • The rail bodies are made from our 28oz Firmatex reinforced PVC material.
  • The rail tops are made from our unique IronTex™ industrial sealed fabrics.
  • Our IronTex™ fabric is a lightweight material that is rated to a 20 ton bursting strength and durable enough to stand up to heavy use and impacts.
  • Removable banners for custom applications.

What's Included

  • 230v/50hz Electric Pump
  • Storage / Carrying Bag
  • Removable Banners
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Repair Kit
  • Setup Instructions 

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